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Detroit Waldorf School

Inspiring a lifelong love of learning since 1966

The Detroit Waldorf School supports its Pre-K through 8th Grade students with skillful, enthusiastic teaching and a nurturing school community.

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Total Life Concierge

We will be your voice throughout the healthcare experience.

TLC was developed to provide personalized health management services through education, navigation and intervention to maximize wellness, control illness and disability.

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Exquisite gems carved by Sherris Cottier Shank

Carving gems is an act of transformational magic. It is so magical, that after decades in the studio, it still amazes Sherris Cottier Shank that simple carving and polishing can release such astonishing beauty. Sherris exalts in the entire process...

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Ilacon Productions

The Production Space of Robert Bowman

Over two decades of ventures in the entertainment industry.

Prue Love

Hand-made gourmet marshmallows

Made with love in small batches. Sold in person in craft markets around Detroit.

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